30 May 2017

4 Reasons Why Retail Therapy Is Good For You

“Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist” Is retail therapy really therapeutic? Believe it or not, there may actually be some wisdom in the quote!


Need more convincing? Here’re 4 reasons why shopping is good for you! #justsaying



When you look the part, you act the part. Confidence comes naturally when you believe you look great.


Imagine showing up to an important business meeting in your casual home wear, versus putting on your favorite pants and jacket; or going to a party with ill- fitted clothes, versus donning a new dress complete with the perfect pair of heels.


Shopping and the results of shopping lift your spirits, no doubt about that.



Buying things you like cheer you up, as supported by scientific research. No kidding!


Researchers at the University of Michigan Ross Business School found that the shopping experience help relieve residual sadness.


According to another 10 year study conducted by scientists of Taiwan’s National Health Research Institutes, those who shopped almost everyday were about 25% more likely to live longer than average. The biggest revelation from the study is men are more likely to benefit from shopping than women!



New experiences can sometimes be daunting and shopping can serve as mental preparation to this anxiety of unfamiliarity. When you shop, you naturally visualise how the product will be used and how it’ll look, in doing so, you visualize and prepare yourself for that new experience.


Recall how having a new school bag for the start of a school term makes you feel? Or imagine decorating your hostel to feel more like home, or shopping for all the cute clothing and toys for your baby who’ll be due soon. It all helps in easing transition stress.



No, this is not an excuse at all! We burn more calories walking and carrying bags than sitting at home watching Netflix. So the next time you decide to spend your weekend on the couch, consider heading out for brisk shopping at the mall!

07 February 2018

Events This Weekend You Won’t Want To Miss

It's an EPIC weekend of activities at Cineleisure!

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  • There’s something about a sizzling bowl of hearty Bibimbap, appetising Japchae and warm bowl of Kimchi Ramyeon that’s so comforting.
  • Good food = good mood! 😋
  • Keep a look out for hosts, Mediacorp 987 DJ Sonia Chew and Joakim Gomez and other celebrities such as Benjamin Kheng, Carla Dunareanu, Suhaimi Yusof, Irene Ang and guest celebrities Joshua Tan and Maxi Lim as they invade CINELEISURE to battle it out in a series of challenges for a brand new Channel 5 variety show: In My Backyard.
Happening tomorrow, 9 Feb, from 10am at Cineleisure. See you there!
  • Happy bellies and happy pockets = happy us! 😄
Cheers to @charliebrowncafesg for serving up set lunches starting from $8.80!