07 December 2017

Nice Gifts For Nice People

They say first impression counts, nothing excites your friends and family more than a creatively wrapped present. This Christmas, be the gift that stands out under the Christmas tree and the gift that everyone is eyeing for.


Other than cute prints, for those who won’t mind a little extra effort, here are some ideas to get you inspired.



The Japanese sure knows how to add their quirky and unique touch to everything, gift wrapping included! Go abso eco-friendly by opting for old pieces of clothing, or wrap with a scarf which can double up as a second gift!


While everyone else go sparkly, stand out by going rustic. This simple gift wrapping requires just a brown paper or burlap with some rustic elements including twine or red berries. While the Furoshiki gift wrapping may take a little time to perfect, you do not need to be a crafter at all to achieve this!


Be playful! Engage your friends with a crossword puzzle, and challenge him/her to find the words before he/she can open the gift! The words can be a message, his/her name, or a Christmas greeting!


You can also wrap a rounded packaging into a candy for an instant fun touch, most suitable for kids!


Digging into a Christmas sock is as much fun as opening a gift wrap! Gifting to a friend who bakes? Personalise it by switching the sock to an oven glove!


Psst..this takes minimal effort but achieve maximum fun.

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