08 August 2017

Get Your Freak On

It’s a horrifically great second half of the year for horror fans. From demonic doll, to psycho clown, from experiments gone wrong to mysterious deaths and from psycho serial killers to uninvited guests, this year promises several bone chilling movies for the fearless to get their horror fix.


Beware. It’s not for the faint-hearted.


Opens 9 August


We’ve never looked at dolls the same ever since the first of this possessed doll series in 2014.


In 2014, a vintage doll in a beautiful white gown named Annabelle turns satanic and haunted a couple and their new born baby girl. 2 years on, Annabelle returns, this time around the evil doll has a new target, a nun and several girls from an orphanage.


Add in inspired by true story for extra spook effect. The Annabelle film series is inspired by a real-life vintage Raggedy Ann Doll, a devil doll in the 70s, a story told by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.


Be warned, the trailer contains a few jump scares.


Opens 7 September


The 70s and 80s kids will agree, we learnt early the happiest chap may turn out to be the scariest freak, all thanks to the 1986 horror flick “IT”, which traumatised our young lives till today.


It seems like Pennywise the child killing clown which targets defenceless kids will continue to terrorise generations of viewers, the remake of the movie will be returning to the big screen this September.


It doesn’t hurt that the trailer is already utterly creepy. Watch it now (only if you dare)!


Opens 14 September


Japan creates some of the best horror films of all time, think The Ring, Ju-On and Dark Water. The film titles itself is enough to send chills down our spines.


Kodomo Tsukai is an original Japanese horror film by filmmaker Takashi Shimizu, best known for creating Ju-on.


A town is shaken by a series of mysterious child disappearances, and suspicious adult deaths. A rumor begins to spread that any adult who suddenly encounters a returned “child” will die mysteriously three days later. A local newspaper reporter investigates the deaths, while his girlfriend, who works at a kindergarten gets too close to one of the haunted children.


Opens 14 September

Psychological thriller-horror film Mother! shows a side of Jennifer Lawrence we haven’t quite seen before.

A couple’s relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence.

The haunting poster released earlier this year is enough to send chills and thrills, and with a spine-ripping trailer like this one, we are certainly eagerly waiting for the release of the movie this September.


Opens 18 October


You know a film is good when it gets a remake.


Quoted off the trailer – “What happens to us after we die? The only way to find out, is to see for ourselves.”


A remake of Joel Schumacher’s 1990 cult thriller, Flatliners is a sci-fi horror about five medical students seek to find out the truth about the afterlife by subjecting each other to near-death experiences. The experiment backfires when they start to experience paranormal consequences.


Not quite the same as Annabelle or IT, but still awfully unnerving. We find ourselves holding our breaths on several occasions while watching the trailer.


Opens 18 October


It’s Groundhog Day meets Scream.


Jessica Rothe plays a college student who is murdered on the night of her birthday, but every time she dies, she simply wakes up and starts the same day over again. The catch to ending this horrifying cycle of death, is to finds out the identity of her killer.


Definitely not your typical slasher horror film.


Happy Death Day is directed by Christopher Landon, best known for the Paranormal Activity series, and produced by Blumhouse Productions who produced films like Insidious, Split and Get Out. Are we the only ones who’re excited already?


Opens 7 December


You will never see Snowman in the same way again.


Starring Michael Fassbender and based on Jo Nesbø’s terrifying global bestseller, The Snowman is about an elusive serial killer who kills and leaves snowmen next to his victims. Elite crime squad’s lead detective Harry must outwit this unthinkable evil before the next snowfall.


Trust us, if the synopsis doesn’t convince you, the chilling trailer sure will.

13 October 2017

A Christmas Gingerbread Story

Embark on a fun adventure with our half-baked hero by playing carnival games!

03 October 2017

Horror Haunt: School of Horrors

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