18 April 2017

Step Up Your Instagram Food Game

‘Fess up, number does matter when it comes to ‘likes’ on your Instagram photo. We’re pretty sure we’re not alone on this. Right?


If you’re any like us who loves food (especially instagram-worthy ones) and strives to curate your Instagram feed with nothing but beautiful photos, then this is the article for you.


Take a few tips from these videos by Mango Street and some of the hottest Instagram superstars to take your Instagram profile to the next level.


Top Down

The classic flat lay that has taken Instagram by storm is one of the easiest to achieve especially when you’ve got a table full of glorious food. It’s hard to go wrong with this one, though sometimes getting the perfect shot means your table of friends have to resist digging into the food, or means having to stand on a stool.




(Photos credits: @melissackoh and @bellywellyjelly )

Hand In Shot

Add a soft touch to the photo by including yours or your friend’s hand in the frame. This composition requires a bit of practice to perfect.



(Photos credits: @ms_rach and @yinagoh)

Fill The Frame

Get up close to your product, zoom in on the details and emphasize on the colours!



(Photos credits: @evonnz and @sixpegs)

A Frame in A Frame

This illusion of an inception is a fun way of featuring your meal! Borrow your friends phone for this one.




(Photos credits: @jemmawei and pinterest)

Now that you’re inspired, take a step forward by styling the shot.





Be inspired and learn some tips on how you can take OOTD like a pro HERE.


Ready? It’s time to fire up the app!

17 April 2017

Put Your Best Foot Forward With ZIPZter Kicks

Different shoe covers for a different look

10 April 2017

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