04 January 2019

Tips To Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions







It’s the new year and don’t we all feel inspired and extra motivated to start the year on the right note? There’s no better time to access the past year, and set goals to better yourself in the new year!


But wait, haven’t you done that last year? Have you kept up to them or were they forgotten somewhere mid year or before?


If you too are finding it hard to keep your new year’s resolutions, read on for some tips to give you a better chance of achieving them in the long haul.


Have your social media feeds been flooded with lists of new year’s resolutions? Chances are, they will soon be forgotten. Trying to change or do too many things at one time is the surest way to fall short of them.

Be realistic, set just 1 or 2 goals at a time. This will ensure that you have time to work towards each goal and be able to properly access them.


Lose weight, eat clean, exercise more, spend less are some of the most common resolutions. But how many kilograms, what is more, and how often?

Instead of exercise more, how about setting the goal of hitting the gym at least twice a week, 1 hour each time. Instead of becoming fitter, set the goal of achieving 20 push ups in a minute by March, 30 by June and so on. Instead of spending less, make it a point to give yourself a budget to work within, a realistic one.


Long term goal may seem out of reach at the start. Chances are either life gets in the way before you can reach that goal or you lose the drive mid way.

Keep track of each small success by setting short-term goals, small steps that lead you to the long term goal. Short term goals are easier to keep, and each small accomplishment will help keep you motivated as well!


Can’t stress enough how vital this is! You deserve a little reward for yourself for hitting the short term goals! This acknowledgement of your effort will provide vital boost that energize you for the long haul.

How about rewarding yourself with a new workout gear, a massage or a movie date with a friend with each milestone reached?


Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t achieve your goals. Re-access, and keep trying!

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