21 April 2020

Social Media Trends You Need To Get On Now



As the world battles a pandemic, social media content is no longer the cool places you went or fabulous meal you had at a restaurant. The coolest content are now created from home!


We round up the social media trends that have taken over the internet.




A trend originated in South Korea has not only sprung up on our social media pages here in Singapore, but its hashtag has accumulated 327,916 posts on Instagram at the time of writing this article.

Its popularity can be attributed to it being extremely easy to make, and of course it’s aesthetic appeal. Making a Dalgona Coffee requires just three ingredients and ingredients we likely already have at home or can easily be purchased. For the full recipe, head over HERE.




Baking is undeniably one of the most popular pastime for many in a time of self-isolation. Some find it therapeutic, while others either just needed something to do, or love eating baked goods.

Somehow, Banana Bread emerged the unofficial baked goods represent during the pandemic. Whether it’s because it requires affordable and simple ingredients, or the fact that it contains bananas mean it’s healthy, we are not sure, but we too have baked one.


(Credit: Foodnetwork.com)



Thanks to Tom Holland (watch it HERE), and Jake Gyllenhaal too, people all over the world are now trying to put on a T-shirt while doing a handstand!

The superheroes made it look easy, but it’s certainly not. Whether you’re a gym rat who’s up for a challenge, or simply loving the eye candy, this is definitely one trend worth a mention here!



No one:
Us: Here’s a list of all my favourites, I’m sure you want to know how I’m feeling in GIFs and let me tell you the countries that I’ve traveled to!

Well, that’s what social media is all about isn’t it? Whether our followers have asked for it or not, we’re sharing anyway!

From questionnaires to bingo templates, we enjoy completing them and tagging our friends to continue the chain. Looking for some fun templates? Check them out HERE.



Boredom brings about creativity. Since we’re all staying home, we find less reasons to dress up and thus OOTD photos become rare too. This creative challenge combines home bedding with fashion to define the OOTD of the moment. To participate, you simply need a pillow and a belt.

The hashtag #pillowchallenge has currently more than 235,000 posts on Instagram!

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