15 May 2018

Tiny Tatts Inspo



Been wanting to get a tattoo but feeling nervous about it? You don’t have to dive right into a full back or full sleeve tattoo. Start off with a tiny tatt!

Here’re some minimalist tattoo inspirations that will leave you itching for one.

(Tattoo by: @tattooist_doy)

(Tattoo by: @evantattoo)

(Tattoo by: @graffittoo)

(Tattoo by: @handitrip)

(Tattoo by: @jakubnowicztattoo)

(Tattoo by: @wittybutton_tattoo)

(Tattoo by: @nandotattooer)

(Tattoo by: @soltattoo)

(Tattoo by: tapz_tattooer)

(Tattoo by: @tattooist_ida)

(Tattoo by: @mnsantanatattoo)

(Tattoo by: @seoeontattoo)

(Tattoo by: @jayshintattoo)

(Tattoo by: @tapz_tattooer)

(Tattoo by: @tattooist_doy)

(Tattoo by: @tuszzarogiem)

(Tattoo by: @maksimlopez)

(Tattoo by: @wittybutton_tattoo)

(Tattoo by: @nandotattooer)

(Tattoo by: @shanshinedaily)


Catch local tattoo artist Yu Shan (@shanshinedaily) in action at The Cathay’s Ink & Cut, happening on 23 and 24 June, at The Cathay, 2 Handy Road.

Game for a mystery tattoo? You can get one at the event too!

06 May 2018

In My Backyard

Watch the exciting episode here!

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  • Up for a mystery tattoo?
Throwback to the first ever Ink & Cut where we celebrated the amazing art of tattoo and counting down one month to the 2nd edition on 23 & 24 June!
More details on thecathay.com.sg.
  • No wrongs the right ramen can’t fix. 😋
  • Singapore’s first Carom Billiard Bar – Thirsty4Balls has opened at The Cathay, level 4 and it sure is designed for the gram with pretty pastel walls and a ball pit “jacuzzi”!
A spin to the game we’re familiar with, this is played with only four balls on a pocketless table. The goal is hitting both red balls in a single shot.
Play or just chill out here cause beers are going at just $8 nett per bottle!
  • It’s the season finale and final showdown! This is an episode not to be missed! 
Catch In My Backyard tomorrow at 9:30pm on Channel 5 and stand to win F&B vouchers from The Cathay!