03 June 2020

What Your Favourite Beverage Says About You



Do you have a go-to drink? What’s the drink you order most at the cafe? Your choice of drink could say a lot about your personality! Let’s see if we’ve guessed it right.



If coffee is what you gravitates to, a must-have every morning, you are likely active and motivated.


If black coffee is your pick from the coffee menu, you are a no-nonsense person, you’re a straight shooter and someone who don’t mess around. Your qualities are your reliability, you can be count on to get the job done. If cappuccino your your coffee of choice, you may tend to be a bit obsessive, you want control. You are also highly creative and motivated. If you like your coffee with milk like a latte, you are someone who’s fun to be around, always keeping things smooth and light.


Tea lovers, you value harmony and inner peace. You seek for work life balance, “me time” is important to you to unwind and connect with yourself. When traveling, you enjoy exploring new places and cultures. When socializing, deep meaningful conversations matter more to you than being part of a large group.


If green tea is your tea of choice, chances are you’re a down to earth person who likes to have a little bit of spark in life. If you like peppermint tea, you are likely a sweet person, but a little bit anxious and less focused. Someone who prefers black tea is likely energetic, inquisitive and usually assertive.

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The sweetest and loveliest of the lot (awww).


You are someone who is in touch with your inner child. While you have the ability to calm people, you also have a mischievous and fun side. You are an absolute joy to be around, people feel comfortable being around you, they find no trouble opening up to you.  You take delight in pretty things and enjoy little pleasures in life. You have a good heart and values kindness in relationships.


You are simple, not basic, a minimalist, not boring.


You like clarity in life and you tend to know exactly what you want. Because you are clear of what you want, you also tend to be a perfectionist which may come across to others as being stubborn. You’re straight forward and honest, thus you expect the same from others. Hypocrisy is a big no no for you. You have high standards and are picky of the people you hang around with. You are likely to have a few friends, but these people are your solid group who respect you for who you are, and whom you know you can count on for life.


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