04 June 2021

Ask The Experts – All You Need To Know About Cocktails


Ever wondered how to pair a meal with cocktails, to choosing the perfect glass for the perfect cocktail?
We’ve got all your answers to your questions!

GudSht, a label born out of the pandemic, but determined to deliver a genuine cheer to local folks,
with a whimsical approach to the otherwise serious business of mixology & bartending.
Today, you can unwind after a long day for a good drink at Cineleisure, L1.

We asked some of our resident homies from GudSht for some tips & tricks
for you cocktail newbies and seasoned drinkers curious about flavours!

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1. I am a cocktail newbie.
Which cocktail would you recommend for a first-timer?

Unicorn Barf – It is a pretty, sweet and refreshing cocktail. It is a delicious, easy to drink cocktail.
The silvery glint makes the cocktail very instagrammable.

Unicorn Barf cocktail by Gudsht

2. What are the top 3 popular cocktails that most people order?

Unicorn Barf, Frooty Booty and Cheng Tng Gao

3. Is it true that cocktails don’t go well with a meal?

If it’s not, could you share more about cocktails and meal pairing with us?
What are some of the foolproof pairings and what are some tips?

Most of our cocktails are customised to fit perfectly for food pairings. GudSht’s tip will be to balance out the gastronomic experience by complimenting the cuisine’s flavours. A fine example will be our collaborative cocktails with The Refinery. Our Pink Lemon Barley and Cheng Tng Gao were specially concocted to pair with bentos and Japanese-inspired pasta dishes.

Customized Cocktails that goes well with food

4. Do the shape and size of glasses affect the taste of the cocktail?

The size of the glass does affect the taste of the cocktails, as we recommend taller glasses for our cocktails that are best served on ice. For stronger cocktails like Deeznuts, it is best served in a rock glass for you to savour its flavours slowly and to prevent the cocktail from getting too diluted.

We also taste with our eyes first, hence we do recommend drinks like our Sangrila Utama (which is similar to a sangria) to be served in a wine glass for the full experience.

GudSht bar

5. How do you choose the perfect glass for a cocktail?

To choose the perfect glass, we consider the strength and flavour of the cocktail.
For lighter cocktails we recommend shorter glasses without ice to prevent dilution of the flavours.

We also consider the aesthetics for sipping in the full experience.

6. What are some unlikely ingredients, alcohol and mixers that go surprisingly well together?

A fine example will be our Nacho Hombre. It is a whimsical idea to infuse nachos into tequila. We believe that every ingredient and flavour profile can be achieved with enough skill and creativity to balance out the flavours. A big shoutout to our team of GudSht genius mixologists!

Cocktails from Gudsht

7. What are some of the simplest but great tasting cocktails that can be made at home?

Simplicity is subjective. For us at GudSht simple would be a built in cocktail with straightforward ingredients, which is why we love our Jim Beam Highballs!



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