29 July 2020

4 Upcoming Movies To Watch


Movies have been put on halt due to the pandemic but here’s the good news we’ve all been waiting for,
you can now catch them on the big screen (with social distancing of course)!

Can’t wait for the full in-theatre experience, wide screen, surround sound and popcorns?
Here are the 5 upcoming movies to watch from top to bottom based on the latest release:

1. Tenet


From the producer and director of The Dark Knight, Inception and Interstellar,
Christopher Nolan recreates beyond the unimagined world of reality, not time travel this time but inversion.
What would you do if this occur in reality? In classic Christopher Nolan style, the trailer is full of mystery.

Be intrigued. Watch the trailer.


2. Wonder Woman 1984


A sequel to Wonder Woman (2017), we travel back to the 1980s where Diana
faces off with 2 new villains, Max Lord and The Cheetah. For all you DC fan out there,
there will also be a new costume revealed in the movie.
Have a glimpse of the action in this power pack trailer!


3. Black Widow


From Russia to New York, we peek into the life of Black Widow (a.k.a. Natsasha Romanoff) as a Russian operative;
how she was brought up and groomed and what led her into fighting for the good.

Hunted by a force that will not stop at all cost, Black Widow must deal
with her history as a Russian operative and broken relationships before she became an Avenger.

4. No Time To Die


From the series of James Bond, No Time To Die tells the story of James Bond leaving active service
and enjoying a peaceful life in Jamaica until his old friend came upon him with a mission,
landing himself in the trail of the mysterious villain, armed with a dangerous new technology.

Who is the mysterious villain?

Cathay Cineplexes has enforced strict safe management measures to ensure
that we can all watch our favourite movies safely in the cinema.
Read more about the measures HERE and book your tickets HERE.


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