10 June 2020

How Well Do You Know Bubble Tea?



You may be drinking bubble tea on a weekly basis, but just how well do you know this popular beverage?


Take the quiz below to test your Bubble Tea knowledge!


How Well Do You Know Bubble Tea?

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Which country did bubble tea first originate from?

2 / 7

When was bubble tea invented?

3 / 7

When was bubble tea introduced to Singapore?

4 / 7

Why is it called bubble tea?

5 / 7

What are boba pearls made from?

6 / 7

Why are boba pearls black in colour

7 / 7

Generally, a medium size bubble tea (including boba pearls) contains how many calories?

Your score is



Satisfy your cravings at our favourite bubble tea shop – LiHO Tea.


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