13 August 2021

Rediscover Somerset with a Showcase of AR Performances by Local Artists




SINGAPORE – Integrating digital and physical interactions to bridge the gap between local music and youths in Singapore, [email protected] sets the stage for separate minute-long augmented reality (AR) performances by five local talents. From August 2021 till the end of the year, customised QR codes to activate the performances can be found at five key spots around Somerset area – Skate Park, Youth Park, Triple One Somerset, Cineleisure and *SCAPE.


A partnership with the Somerset Belt, driven by the National Youth Council (NYC) and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY), this initiative aims to encourage young Singaporeans to explore the heritage and future of Somerset during their search for the digital performances by local artists. Patrons can start their journey at *SCAPE to explore the future-forward developments of the hub for youth culture and development, or from Somerset’s Skate Park to experience the perspective of life in Somerset before the youth-based placemaking initiatives. The QR codes will be placed on designated floor spaces at the various locations, and they can be accessed via Instagram or Facebook Camera to activate the digital performances on one’s phone.


Artists include R&B singer Feez, singer-songwriter Iman Fandi, DJ Intriguant, popstar RRILEY and rapper Yung Raja. Each AR concept and performance is unique and distinct which aligns with the artist’s music and overall vibe. Patrons are also encouraged to take on the dance challenges created by the artists themselves. They will be treated to exclusive sneak previews of Feez and RRILEY’s new music releases that will be launched officially within the next few months and groove to popular songs from Iman Fandi – ‘Timeframe’, Intriguant – ‘Wind’ and Yung Raja – ‘Mami’.


Reaching out to their fans, Intriguant shared: “It’s been over a year that Singaporeans haven’t been to an actual club or dance floor surrounded by other music lovers, so I wanted to recreate that experience.”


“I hope that when everyone sees my performance on my animated mini me, they’ll feel like they’re in a virtual concert and hopefully I’ll be able to host a live concert soon for my fans,” said Iman Fandi.


RRILEY highlighted what she is looking forward to: “This is really exciting for me because this song is an unreleased track and I can’t wait to put it out there. Also, there will be really cool graphics and visuals!”

Fans of the artists also stand a chance to win physical AR cards with the printed QR codes for keepsake or to enjoy the performances on-the-go. Keep a lookout for exclusive giveaways from the artists on their respective social media platforms for more details!


ARtistry@Somerset Artist Line-Up

Jon Chua JX, Founder of Zendyll, said: “We fiddled with the idea of using AR technology to bring artist performances closer to the audiences while amplifying the youth-centric district. With [email protected], it enhances the vibrant culture and pushes the boundaries further at Somerset. The combination of digital and physical elements in the production of cutting-edge artist performances aims to entertain, educate and involve youths in the heart of Singapore.”


“In this partnership with [email protected], *SCAPE hopes to connect with youths in the phygital world, where youths can dream beyond what is possible in the physical. At *SCAPE, we are looking to support and showcase innovative ideas our youths can put forth,” Shawn Wong, Deputy Executive Director of *SCAPE, added.


Carmen Low, a Somerset Belt Youth Community Lead and co-founder of Afterglow shared: “We hope that Somerset Belt can provide a safe space for youths to build collective memories and shared experiences. Projects such as [email protected] aim to bring shared nostalgic memories of youths growing years back to engage youths and build new memories. As a young adult, it warms my heart whenever I get to relive childhood memories and hope that [email protected] can bring similar joy to our youths as well.”


For more information on the campaign and artists involved, click here.


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