24 November 2020

Menbaka Fire Ramen Opens in Cineleisure

Hailing from Kyoto, Japan, with a history of over 35 years, Menbaka Fire Ramen debuts its first overseas outlet right here in Cineleisure!


As its name implies, Menbaka Fire Ramen is famed for setting your ramen ablaze, with flaming negi (Japanese long onion) oil poured on top of the broth to create a smoky flavour that absolutely takes the taste to the next level.

Menkaba Fire Ramen form Kyoto opens its first outlet in Cineleisure


It’s original outlet in Kyoto received raved reviews and snaking queues soon after it opened back in 1984. Good news for us, we now do not need an air ticket to taste the legendary dishes.


The Cineleisure outlet will serve a Singapore-exclusive dish, the Tonkotsu Fire Ramen, a creamy and rich broth, as well as popular items such as the signature Shoyu Fire Ramen, which comprises chicken, mackerel, seaweed and bonito brewed for over five hours, and the Vegetarian Fire Ramen.



Here’s what you can expect- Upon arrival, diners will be allocated a bar seat with a unobstructed view to the fire display. The Chefs will even offer to take a video of you by placing your phone on a stand behind the kitchen counter. After the fire display, you will then be guided to your seat to enjoy your meal.


The fiery theatrics completes the delicious and unique experience, one that you’ve never had before (unless you’re one of the lucky ones who have been to its Kyoto outlet).


Menbaka Fire Ramen is now opened at Cineleisure, Level 5.


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