14 September 2021

Fitness Studios Where You Can Ace Your Fitness Goals

With the increase in importance of wellness and mindfulness for consumers, comes the growth of the fitness industry.


Cineleisure welcomes a string of new fitness studios including Body Fit Training, Hale Yoga and Active Fitness, strengthening its position as a destination mall for young executives.


From Yoga to Boxing, here are some of the fitness studios in Cineleisure where you can ace all your fitness goals.



Body Fit Training uses scientifically proven training techniques aimed at reducing fat and creating lean muscle. With studios in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Singapore, these guys certainly know what they are doing.


Each session is 50 minutes long, involving a a variety of training. From cardio, strength, functional, core stability, fight fit, pump and many more, it will never get you bored. Sessions are tailored to deliver the best results.


Website: bodyfittraining.com/club/orchard

Fitness Studios - Body Fit Training


Aerial yoga is also often referred to as “anti-gravity yoga” or “flying yoga”. It involves performing yoga poses while being suspended by a hammock. You can expect to work your core finding your balance in the various poses.


At Hale Yoga, aerial yoga classes are centered around mental focus and the use of safety measures. With its highly trained instructors, beginners are welcome to “fly” too.


Other types of practices offered at Hale Yoga include Wheel Vinyasa and Iron Flow.


Website: hale.sg


Get your endorphins going, hop on the party bike and cycle your way to fitness! Spinning is a high intensity workout involving riding on a stationary exercise bike.


At Revolution, they get your energy up through the pumping music, enthusiastic instructors and psychedelic lights, promising the most fun you’ll have burning up to 600 calories!


Contrary to popular belief, spinning do not just tone your leg muscles, it works your core too! Click HERE to learn more about the many benefits of spinning.


Website: www.revolution.com.sg

Fitness Studios - Revolution


Natural light is said to boost mood and that’s what we need when we’re sweating it out, pushing ourselves to hit our fitness goals! At Star Elite Fitness, you can workout to a beautiful view of Orchard Road through the floor to ceiling windows.


Star Elite Fitness strives to provide an enjoyable fitness experience through an inspiring environment supported by a caring team of professional trainers, state-of-the-art equipment and customized wellness programs.


Website: www.starelitefitness.com

Start Elite Fitness


Jab, jab, uppercut, dodge, let’s go! Rhythm boxing is all about throwing out punches and moving to the beat. The energy from the music and the group atmosphere will have your heart pumping and breaking a sweat before you even know it.


Sugar Boxing offers two types of classes – Strength and HIIT, each program carefully planned to allow you to train safely and effectively.


Website: www.activefitness.com.sg


That’s not all! While you work up a sweat, we ensure that you can shower after in absolute comfort with the brand new shower rooms, right at Level 3 where the fitness studios are located.


Private, and equipped with hair dryer and toiletries by homegrown brand Omno.

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