10 November 2020

Why We Should All Be Spinning

Spinning has undoubtedly been the one workout that has changed the game in the fitness world. Frankly, with the list of benefits, it’s not hard to understand why it has gained this much popularity over the past couple of years.

Riding on a stationary bike to high-energy dance music, not only can you cycle your way to fitness, it’s also fun and now an extremely chic form of exercise.


Exercising produces feel good endorphins which interacts with receptors in your brain and triggers positive feelings. Top this up with an upbeat and fun environment, you can be assured to be walking out after a spin sesh feeling stress-free and energized.


Everyone can spin. Spin bikes are stationary, so this reduces the risk of injury. It is perfect for those who prefer to take things a little more gently, or if you are a beginner who are unsure of getting into a new sport or workout. You need not worry about falling behind on your first few sessions because you have the freedom to adjust the resistance. Tired? Turn it down a notch. Feeling like a challenge? Increase the resistance.


If toning up your muscles is your fitness goal, this one’s for you. Spinning primarily tones your legs and core muscles. It is obvious spinning gives you strong toned legs. To stabilise your body especially when you cycle standing up challenges your core. Other muscle groups include back and glutes.


Spinning is a great exercise to improve your cardiovascular health. It is ideal for people who want a cardio workout without putting too much stress on your joints. As you work harder, you will learn to control and pace your breathing, this in turn helps to lower the heart rate.


According to Harvard Health, you can burn between 400 to 600 calories for a one hour ride at moderate intensity. Study also shows that indoor cycling and strength training are enough to improve endurance and strength without changing dietary habits.

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